I believe that every women deserves a day to unwind, take off work, sip on her favorite wine/ beer while she is being pampered with hair/ makeup. You get to dress up in pretty outfits, smile/ laugh while I make you feel like a rockstar in front of the camera!


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Boudoir Marathon vs. Private Boudoir Session. What is the difference you ask?

This amazing video was created by Madyson to showcase a little bit of the behind the scenes at the annual SamSlay Photography Boudoir Marathon.

My boudoir marathon is a semi-private mini experience and generally a very fast-paced day. This setup of multiple sessions a day allows us to take advantage of nicer venues that we might not otherwise have access to. A boudoir marathon offers the biggest bang for your buck and is only offered once a year. Hair and makeup artists are on site to pamper you before the shoot while sipping on your wine or champagne. So, basically a mini spa day with your girlfriends.

Private boudoir sessions are hosted at my in-home studio year-round. For a private session, you can choose between 4 different packages offered, some which can include hair and makeup and multiple outfit changes. This is much more laid back than a marathon and will only consist of me, you and the hair and makeup artist if you choose to have one.

Package information can be found on the book now tab!

10 Boudoir Tips from Samantha

  1. Do not spray tan. Please refrain from spray tanning! Your natural skin tone will photograph best! I have had clients have malfunctions with their spray tanner which has resulted in color patches. The spray tanner also settles in every fine line and crease of your skin and will create lines. Be sure to use extra moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out.

  2. Wear false eyelashes. If you booked a hair/ makeup artist through me, these lashes will be provided. Fake lashes help give you an extra boost of confidence! Not to mention, they look amazing on camera.

  3. TREAT YOURSELF! Go get a manicure and pedicure approximately 2 days before your shoot! If you cannot afford a professional mani- pedi, use polish and make sure that it looks nice and isn't chipped.

  4. Eat before you arrive. Do not starve yourself. Don't do anything drastic like a cleanse or fasting. Posing for boudoir sessions is kind of similar to yoga. You'll be using muscles you normally don't and will occasionally be inverted laying down. I don't want you to feel lightheaded. The small amount of body change you feel from cleansing or fasting will not be visible in your final images. I photograph everyone so their body looks amazing. Even if you think you may be a bit bloated after eating, you won't be able to tell in your images!

  5. Drink lots of water, exfoliate, moisturize. Spend extra time taking care of your skin because it is going to be your main outfit!

  6. Trust your photographer! Trust me, girlfriend! I will pose you in ways that are flattering to YOUR figure! Be sure to communicate with me plenty beforehand if you are feeling anxious. This shoot is all about YOU and the most important thing that you are comfortable and have a good time!

  7. Ask for support if you need it. Bring a friend! Meet with me prior to your session. Whatever helps you relax!

  8. Try your outfits on before arriving for your session. Also, SamSlay Photography has a client wardrobe available if all else fails.

  9. Practice some posing! I will be the first to tell you, the majority of these poses are similar to yoga poses. You will probably be sore after your session!