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First and foremost, THANK YOU so much for believing in what I have to offer to the photography community. I am blown away by the amount of aspiring photographers who want to learn from ME! It is so wonderful that you want to grow your business, congratulations!  Together we will discover your strengths and growth areas and work towards getting you where you need to be. 

What is a mentor you may ask? A mentor is someone who is eager to teach and exchange knowledge. Someone who is an established photographer in your specific industry. (Don’t seek out light and airy if you’re dark and moody). An honest critic who is invested in your success and devoted to the industry. Mentorships can offer value to mentors and mentees when the relationship is handled with care, honesty, and sensitivity. A photographer never stops learning, and even the best photographers in the industry have something to gain by seeking a mentor.

Wedding Day Mentorship                                                                                    $400

Are you wanting to focus on becoming a wedding photographer? This is the mentorship for you! You will travel with Samantha to a real wedding. We will start our morning with coffee and breakfast to discuss everything from the start of the wedding day to the sparkler exit finish! During this mentorship, you will watch, learn, ask as many questions as you want, and shoot. Yes! I said shoot. This day will last approximately 8-12 hours and the exclusive behind the scene action at a real SamSlay Photography wedding.  After your wedding day mentorship, you will receive a lengthy follow-up email, full of additional information and a recap of the day. *Mentorees are required to know basic manual settings & own a DSLR camera*


If you’re hesitant about booking a mentor session with Samantha, don’t be! Book it as soon as possible! I had my doubts at first about being ready for a wedding mentorship, but I am so glad I did it. Sam was so down-to-earth, helpful, understanding, and not to mention ENCOURAGING! I have booked several weddings from the results of this mentorship alone. It has undoubtedly aided in growing my career, and it has given me a new friend in Samantha. 🖤
— Macee Payne
I started my photography business a few months ago. Shortly after, I booked my first wedding. The very first person I contacted after booking the wedding was Samantha and I believe my first words were “HELP!” Sam immediately threw advice at me and recommended her wedding mentorship. Before our wedding day together, she sent me an email with a few questions to personalize my mentorship to fit everything I needed. From helping me learn a little more about my camera and how to adjust to different lighting situations all the way to communicating and posing clients to get authentic, real shots, she had a few tips for it all. I feel so much more confident for not only my wedding in September, but all of my other sessions as well. I know even though my mentorship is over, she is just a phone call away. She is a true mentor who believes in community over competition. Not only did I gain a mentor, but a friend. I’m so blessed to have her to help me grow as a photographer!
— Corri Whitby