Greg & Brooklyn's Surprise Proposal

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“As a wedding photographer I witness many life changing moments but Greg's surprise proposal was the most exciting engagement I have ever witnessed. About a wee...k before the proposal, Greg contacted Dalton with this outrageous plan to propose to Brooklyn involving the Sheriff's Department and I just knew it would be amazing. Greg and Brooklyn were high school sweethearts and have been together for almost 4 years, we recently connected through our boyfriends (they are co-workers.) I contacted Brooklyn and told her that I wanted to photograph her and Greg for photos to use to update my website. So we planned for a couple session and dinner on Friday night. Brooklyn and Greg were travelling through Medina to meet us for dinner when a Sheriff's deputy and Medina City Cop pulled them over. The deputy stated that Brooklyn owed court costs on a previous speeding ticket she had, stated that she would be arrested and asked her to step out of the vehicle. He proceeded to put her in the back of the car. Meanwhile, Greg and the deputy discussed the plan to get Brooklyn back out of the car so he could propose... She had no idea. The deputy stated that there had been a mix up in the system and that she was free to go. She was still oblivious to what was going on when Greg dropped to one knee and asked her to spend forever with him.”